June 13, 2021

Sony PS5 likely to be on sale in India from mid-January 2021

Sony PS5 likely to be on sale in India from mid-January 2021

PS5, Sony’s latest gaming console was released on November
19, 2020 worldwide, but due to some set-backs it wasnt
released in INDIA.

The gamers in INDIA were eagerly waiting for its launch, Sadly
sony had to delay its launch in INDIA.
Now finally, the good news is here, Sony PS5 on Sale.
some reports suggest that Sony will most likely begin the PS5
sales in INDIA from mid-January with pre-orders of the console
going live by the end of December.
Some sony centers across INDIA have stated that they expect
Sony to start taking pre-orders for PS5 by the end of December
and the shelves will be stocked by mid-January.
Sadly, it is said that the first few stocks will be available in metro
cities only. if you live outside the major cities, you might have to
wait a little bit longer.


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