June 13, 2021

Best 3 UPI App In India! Everything You Need To Know!

Let talk all about it in detail and get familiar with the new way of digital cash. The generation developed in 2021 is based 80% on online work. Due to Covid-19 pandemic everyone’s daily routine was in motion because of online platforms. Looking at this, Online Banking is very keen to provide various services to their users. But some banks may charge for such services. To avoid these unwanted expenses that bank charges from their users, these UPI apps are proven to be their best in terms of services and security. These UPI apps listed below are best 3 UPI app in India.

Google Pay

Google Pay is easy to download. You need to make sure that it has NFC-enabled to be able to use it. NFC stands for near-field communication. It is used for communication between two electronic devices, one of which is a smartphone.

Transferring cash becomes easier since it can be delivered to friends and relatives through their mobile numbers. Google Pay is designed with several layers of security to ensure that your money isn’t misused or stolen. Google Play is safe from hacking. According to survey, Google Pay is known as the best UPI app for its fast payment transfer without any limit. Providing best user experience.

It is made with a bunch of security so that money isn’t misplaced or hacked. One of its major advantage regarding the security aspects is that it will automatically terminate the transaction if there are any issues prevailing from any server irrespective of bank or google pay or the recipient. Even if the money is debited it will get reversed on its own in 2-3 days.


PhonePe is an India-based, digital wallet that the user links to his bank account or credit/debit card for further transactions. This UPI app makes sure that is covered with a numerous security process that provides a high range of security to the user. Store transaction is also available as PhonePe can be used as a payment method via a dedicated POS device.

This results in a quick transaction without having cash in hands and is also useful to set up small businesses or is an efficient way to provide salaries to the employees.

Some benefits of owning digital cash are as follows

  • Credit and Debit Card Linking
  •  Bank Balance Check
  •  Money Storage
  •  Send and Receive Money
  •  POS Payments
  •  PIN Authorization


Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology company, based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Largest card payment gateway and UPI payment gateway in India. Paytm too has high and best security standards. Paytm is also certified by the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) with 128-bit encryption. Artificial intelligence is routinely used to detect and block suspicious-looking transactions – by analyzing the behavior of fraudsters.  Paytm also finds that if unauthorized things need payment it doesn’t allow payment for that to keep users’ money safe and secure. Paytm has direct integration with the top six banks in India, 15 Bank Gateways, networks.   If a user has multiple payment gateways, Paytm’s AI-Powered Router helps in routing transaction traffic between the multiple payment providers so that customers get a quick success rate of the transaction. Paytm has a global vault for saving users’ debit and credit card details which are stored on a secure cloud, audited regularly by authorities such as the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), PCI-DSS. Along with cards, Paytm offers saving details for wallet, postpaid, saved UPIs, merchant gift vouchers, Paytm Payments Bank details.

Though some of the cons of Paytm are

  • Customer support can be improved.
  • Development support and community need to be improved.
  • Its also available for many platforms even in games like Valorant, Steam, Origin, Etc.

Looking at the pros of all these UPI apps gives us a satisfactory attitude to save our financial details and helps us to transact within seconds.


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