June 13, 2021

Among Us is coming to Xbox consoles in 2021.

The game launched back in 2018 but gain popularity during this pandemic i.e.  Among Us, one of the most popular game to be played this year will be now available on Xbox consoles in upcoming year. This news flooded the forums and internet as soon as Among Us joined Xbox Game Pass, the official release date in not yet released but soon there will be an imposter on Xbox consoles (talking about Among Us) another good news is that it has been launched for Nintendo switch prior to this week.

Why this is a news? Because it is cross platform You got pc and your friend got phone? No problem you can play with each other and try to be the best imposter among all. Altogether the owners mobile, computers and consoles can just get along and have fun.

Still a question arises. Let me clear a fact games available on Xbox have achievements system so the question is will Among Us have achievements to grind for?


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